On January 25, students will go back to school in Jalisco


If conditions are favorable, the Jalisco schools will gradually return to face-to-face classes as of January 25th, Governor Enrique Alfaro announced this on Wednesday, December 2.

He pointed out that the return to the classroom will be voluntary and parents will be able to decide whether to send their children or not, so the healthy distance class scheme will continue in force.

“The face-to-face classes are optional, that is, if a mother or father does not feel sure about his/her daughter or son returning to school, they are not obliged to send them to classes, the students have a distance education alternative so they can stay at home,” the governor said.

He indicated that the conditions for attendance will be determined according to the regional health situation, therefore, a diagnosis will be made by municipalities and the final decision will be announced on January 11.

In medium risk municipalities, 100% of students will be able to attend four days a week, while in high-risk municipalities only 50% of students will be allowed on premises, two days a week.

In addition, there will be a medical evaluation of the teaching profession that will be presented on January 8 to determine which teachers are at risk and will not return to the presence.

The president also announced that teachers will be a priority population for the vaccine, as well as medical personnel and the sanitation process of the schools will begin on January 11.

As part of the epidemiological follow-up, 1,500 random tests will be applied in schools every two weeks for two months from January 18, the date on which teachers should already be working.

If at least two confirmed Covid-19 cases are detected in the same group, section, or area of ​​the campus in the same week, work will be suspended for 14 days.

Today we need them more than ever, our children need them, the governor told the Jalisco teachers.

Alfaro reported that 49 teachers have died in the health emergency in the entity, even without going to face-to-face classes.

Source: El Universal

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