Puebla seeks to activate Agrotourism to increase the economic development of the state


State authorities seek to find mechanisms so that the rural communities can have a source of income.

In order to provide opportunities to farmer groups of the state, which in many cases have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic by not being able to market their products, the Ministry of Rural Development plans the creation of agrotourism routes in 100 of the 217 municipalities.

The head of the agency, Ana Laura Altamirano Pérez, indicated that they are seeking through this mechanism to give options to producers so that they can have an economic reactivation , promoting the ecotourism offer in Puebla, taking advantage of the agricultural biodiversity of the state.

She said that more than 100 municipalities will be included in this program to strengthen the primary sector in all areas, which is why producers will be supported with marketing strategies, training, with more than 250 thousand beneficiaries.

On the other hand, he mentioned that so far this year 40 million pesos have been allocated to support 10,000 producers whose lands were affected by the recent weather phenomena, which includes around 22,000 hectares of grains, fruit trees, and vegetables.

Source: Heraldo de México

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