‘Mujeres del Fuego’ a new book on the traditional cuisine of Colima


“Mujeres del Fuego: knowledge and flavors of Colima” is a new book that has the objective of spreading the traditional cuisine of Colima and that was written by 12 cooks from the Mujeres del Fuego Collective, who present 45 recipes of typical state foods, such as sweet enchiladas and white pozole, but it also includes preparations of other less-known dishes.

Representative Liduvina Sandoval, who participated in the efforts to edit the book, said that participating in a gastronomic project like this allowed her to learn about the diversity of Colima cuisine and the work carried out by the women of the group.

“We all know about dishes that are emblematic of the state, however, when I get to know them and the work they do, I realize that there is a huge amount of things to spread and explore, that go beyond what we know, such as the tatemado, the sweet enchiladas, the soups, ” she told Miguel Ángel Vargas from EstaciónPacífico.com.

Enchiladas Dulces de Colima (YouTube)

The legislator highlighted that one of the outstanding elements of “Women of Fire: knowledge and flavors of Colima” is that seasonal products that are not well known are addressed, such as “nanacas”, “cocolmecas” and other dishes that are part of the local community’s culture in places like Zacualpan, or Comala.

“There is a part that has to do with ceremonial dishes that have been transmitted from generation to generation, products that have to do with parota and its preparation in the Zacualpan community,” he said.

The federal deputy pointed out that this Friday (December 4) at 5 in the afternoon the presentation of the book will be held in the Libertad Garden, in the Colima capital, where the cooks who participated in the development of the project will be, and in the that the participation of Governor Ignacio Peralta is expected.

Source: Estación Pacífico

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