Equal marriage could be delayed in Sinaloa due to elections


The Inclusive Sinaloa Association pointed out that before the next electoral process, the deputies who wish to participate for a popular office must withdraw from the legislature, so attracting alternates could make the voting process difficult

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Due to the proximity of electoral times in Sinaloa and Mexico, the approval of equal marriage could be delayed, reported the president of Sinaloa Inclusnte AC, Tiago Ventura.

The activist pointed out that although the initiative promoting equal marriage has already passed to second reading, the vote could be affected because some deputies intend to run for public office in 2021, and before that, they must withdraw from the legislature to be relieved by alternates.

Given this, he said that the alternates could question their vote in favor of the initiative, since they are unaware of the agreements, recommendations and are not sensitized to the issue.

“There is no set date, but we hope that it will rise before this term ends; For us, the most convenient thing is that it be before, because the deputies who are sensitized on the issue and know it, could raise their hands in the electoral process and then with the alternate deputies we would have to start working ”, he stressed.

He pointed out that despite the difficulties, the LGBT + community sees a positive advance towards the creation of new public policies in favor of inclusion, as he recalled that there are other initiatives that have been followed up in favor of the community.

The Mazatlan Post