Durango approves new law for mandatory use of face masks


Whoever does not carry it will be punished with community work or medical material, says Deputy Sandra Amaya

The president of the Political Coordination Board of the Durango state congress Sandra Amaya states that the new law for the mandatory use of face masks throughout the state was approved and that it seeks not to imprison citizens but to raise awareness of its use.

Deputy Sandra Amaya
Deputy Sandra Amaya

That is why it is considered that those who do not use it on public roads or in public transport or in commerce, where whoever allows it, as it is to employers that their staff does not carry it, will also be sanctioned. 

The economic amount that is considered a sanction is 12 UMA, so that the sanctioned person pays fines with medical supplies because they do not want money but to avoid infections. 

That is why this law will be put into effect while it’s published in the official gazette that will be in circulation in the next few hours so that the municipal authorities can apply it. 

The governor of the state José Rosas Aispuro Torres in his social networks thanked the willingness to enforce the obligation of the correct use of the mask in the state of Durango, which still remains in a red light due to the high death rates and Covid-19 infections.

The last case that shook Duranguenses is the death of the PAN politician Juan de Dios Castro Lozano and the PRI member Pedro Avila Nevarez among many other distinguished men and women of society.

Source: heraldodemexico.com.mx

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