Aerospace Park in Mazatlán will join the USMCA corridor


Investment in Mexico. Developers Announce Startup Capital of $ 60M; the master plan for the route from Sinaloa to Winnipeg, Canada, will be ready in January.

To the USMCA corridor, one of the largest infrastructure projects for North America, there is another one that complements it, the development of an aerospace park in Sinaloa, called MZT Aerospace Park, located nine kilometers from Mazatlán, whose first phase is already ongoing.

Carlos Ortiz, president, and CEO of Caxxor Group reported that for the construction of the USMCA corridor, the logistics development that plans to connect a new port in Sinaloa, cross the United States, and reach Winnipeg, in Canada, is already working on the construction of the consortium that will integrate the project with a view to presenting the master plan next January.

The manager announced that he already has port operators, two global and one national, for the new port in Sinaloa, and some shipping companies have been interested in being part of the project with a view to presenting the master plan of the complete corridor, which includes the port and the construction of a railway line.

“The development of the aerospace park and the USMCA corridor are two flagship investment projects in southern Sinaloa that complement each other, their investment anchors will be in the automotive and aerospace industry, they are new value chains of the logistics system,” said Ortiz.

Lino Suárez and Víctor García, partners of MZT Aerospace Park and developers of the aerospace park, indicated that the initial investment in the park will be close to 60 million dollars and one of the anchor companies of this project is Singular Aircraft, headed by Luis Carrillo Lostao, who seeks to provide a solution to pilots who put their lives at risk in air operations, such as fire fighting, and is looking for a space to install their new developments. For the drone tests, Flyox 1, Singular Aircraft needs a place at sea level, so Lino Suárez and Víctor García pointed out that the new aerospace park could host this project.

The managers commented to MILENIO that the park will have in a first stage 68.4 hectares, lands that are in the clearing phase, and for next year it can start its commercialization. Víctor García explained that the first phase plans to develop a business class hotel, a shopping plaza to serve international companies, a training center for young people, a bus station, and a corporate center.

For the second phase and according to the needs of the potential clients of the project, they even consider the construction of a larger airstrip and for different types of aircraft, including the Boeing 747. 

Source: Milenio

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