Request pouring into Mazatlan for hotels, parking lots, and subdivisions, to be built around the “KRAKEN”


The Municipal Planning Directorate indicated that all the land is privately owned, and agreements are made with the owners, while permits are the Municipality

Mazatlán, Sinaloa- The director of Planning and Sustainable Urban Development of the Mazatlán City Council, Jorge Estavillo Kelly, stated that the land surrounding the new Kraken stadium belongs to individuals, so the municipality has nothing to do with it.

“They are private lands, in fact, there are already some (businessmen) who have come to want to develop there. The municipality does not have properties in that area,” he reiterated.

The local official suggested that if someone wants to develop something, the first thing they have to do is ask for their land use, in order to know if what they want to do is compatible with the area.

“There have been around eight people who have come to want to build a subdivision, there is a person who wants to use it as a parking lot because the stadium does not have enough area for visitors, which is good,” he added.

Estavillo Kelly stated that there is an infinity of different things that they want to do in those lands according to those who have approached to request information, such as building a hotel, housing apartments, subdivision, among others.

“All that corridor is mixed, so there are many turns that can be applied in that area, and when the avenue is extended with the section that it must have that comes from Munich, the area will still look better, it will detonate more “, previous.

He said he did not know if a developer had already approached him or the owners of any land where he intends to start a business, but most likely yes, because as an interested party, the first thing that is sought is the owner of the property to reach agreements.


The Mazatlan Post