This Sunday there is a vegan afternoon, with activities for the whole family in Tuxtla Chiapas


“There are other ways of eating and other ways of living since together we can create the society we want to see. Be encouraged to know because what is not known causes fear, but if we never jump in to do something different, we are going to be left with a very limited experience ”mentioned the coordinator. 

Veganism or vegetarianism more than a diet is a lifestyle dedicated to avoiding causing harm to animals as far as possible; In this, it includes what is done directly, such as hunting or fishing, but also the actions that are promoted with the use of them for human consumption and food.

Through it, it seeks to convey a message of respect towards all sentient beings, which is why this lifestyle is becoming more and more common, since more people discover that they can replace food and other products of animal origin with other alternatives , thus contributing to a reduction of speciesism, discrimination of animals based on their belonging to a species.

The American Nutrition and Dietetic Association points out that a vegan diet is recommended and healthy at all times of life. That is why millions of people have chosen to live without products of animal origin in their diet and their day to day.

At Huitzicalli Alimentos Vegana con Corazón, they are aware of the importance of connecting this feeling with well-being and physical, emotional, and spiritual health, which is why, through various recreational activities, they have sought to promote this lifestyle in Chiapas citizens.

That is why, in the midst of this situation that has put the population in confinement and also with the cold season that is approaching, they have been concerned about reinforcing the care of the emotions and the immune system by carrying out a “Afternoon Veggie ” With activities for the whole family ranging from workshops, music, games, and acroyoga.

Cristy Beltrán, a member of the Huitzicalli collective, pointed out how important it is to demolish those myths about vegan or vegetarian food, so part of carrying out these activities is to deny that vegan food is not enjoyed and is less rich than that of carries products of animal origin.

Likewise, he stressed that what the members of the organization are looking for is to provide information and advice for those people who are in the search to start with this habit, for which in this afternoon they hope to provide some recipes for the people who attend.

The Veggie afternoon will take place this Sunday, October 18, starting at six in the afternoon at 12 North East number 1042, it is important that for those who like to accompany us always wear their face masks to guarantee the well-being of everyone, said Cristy .

On the official poster you can find the number to reserve your place. Photo: Courtesy.

Among the security measures that Huitzicalli will take for this activity is the use of antibacterial gel for the attendees, as well as a sanitary filter so that the appropriate precautionary measures are taken to carry out the activities without any risk.

We have an estimated capacity of 20 to 25 people, it is a large space on a terrace, but if we ask you to contact us beforehand so that you know if there are still spaces available in order to avoid large crowds in the space and that so we can live together taking our due distance, he added.

He highlighted will make a small share of food, so the attendees are asked to bring their food, preferably vegan or vegetarian, as well as their own utensils as they seek to avoid or reduce the production of garbage.

The event is totally free, they only have to confirm their attendance by calling 9612426066 so that their place can be set aside since the space is limited by the same situation of the pandemic, “he said.

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