The fight against Dengue, Zika, and Chikungunya has started in Sinaloa


The south of Sinaloa and the north of Nayarit joined to reduce the cases

La Concha, Sinaloa.- This morning the starting flag of the fight against dengue, Zika, and Chikungunya was carried out in the south of the state, where authorities from the north of Nayarit joined to start the campaign.


The Undersecretary of Health in Sinaloa, Víctor Hugo Sánchez Malof, mentioned that in the entire fishermen’s area it will be necessary to make it clear that they do not leave water residues in their boats to avoid the reproduction of flies, for which he revealed that there are 198 cases of dengue those in total in Sinaloa.

“What is something important that we have to do is that citizens also get involved in the actions and you should see how the people who are going to help us, we already have, compared to 2019, that we had 35 cases today there are 198 non-serious dengue cases “.

“We must take actions, with the covid we had a decrease in the attention of home visits, discharging also decreased, right now we have started together with the municipalities that without them I believe that the Secretariat would be a failure, he declared.


At the event, personalities such as the Municipal President of Acaponeta, Nicolás Tirado Hernández; on behalf of the Mayor of Escuinapa, Jesús Palomares Barajas, Chief of Municipal Medical Services and Andrés Sidhartha Hindú Pérez, Head of the Health Jurisdiction number 6.

At different road crossings in the city, peddlers of electric rackets are placed, functional to kill mosquitoes

¡A raquetazos! Ciudadanía evita la picadura del mosquito

In Mazatlán, to avoid the bite of the Dengue, Zika, or Chikungunya transmitting mosquito, the public opts for methods such as the use of repellent, citronella plants, incense, and even technology with electronic rackets!

Some years ago, this well-known electric racket was launched on the market, whose objective is to kill flying insects, which has been placed in the preference of the public due to its speed.

electronic rackets trades street vendors cruises KS

Olga, a racket seller, pointed out that racket sales in Mazatlán vary from “Good” to “Very good”, selling dozens of them, mainly in the months of July, August, September, and October.

“If they sell very well, people look for it because it kills the mosquito quickly and without fighting. And right now that we are in the full mosquito season, and that people take care of me being bitten by one who has dengue, because it sells me even more ”, he said.

The merchant explained that the prices of a racket are 130 pesos, however, they can reduce them from 10 to 30 pesos in order to support the buyers’ budget.

electronic rackets trades street vendors cruises KS

“I am good with people, I know how hard it is right now, and if you want to buy it but you can’t, then I lower it to 100 pesos. I support them and they support me, buying from me ”, he commented.

In the different busiest cross streets such as Insurgentes, Carretera Internacional, Toreo, and Rafael Buelna, where this type of artifact is usually sold.


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