While Culiacán turns its back on restaurateurs, Mazatlán opens its doors to them


The restaurant union regretted that Mayor Jesús Estrada Ferreiro did not provide support during the pandemic, something that his Mazatlan namesake has done

Culiacán, Sinaloa. – Restaurant investors announced that they could migrate to Mazatlán as they were not supported by the mayor of Culiacán, Jesús Estrada Ferreiro.

The president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry, Miguel Taniyama Ceballos, regretted that Culiacán has an apathetic government that does not worry about economic or labor development

“The truth is that it is very sad to realize how we have gone through the issue of the pandemic, the business community rather than looking for support, we were treated as beggars, practically, it does not pay to the healthy government-company relationship,” he said.

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“The mayor (Jesús Estrada) does not tire of hurting commerce, I do not know how the desire to establish this denial of support and employment support has been to the establishment of more companies in a formal way in the municipality, is It is unfortunate that he has such a short vision, perhaps because he is not a businessman or has never lived that part, ”he said.

However, Taniyama Ceballos recognized the mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, has been a facilitator for the union members by offering them an investment in a safe way in the port, in addition to providing all the tax incentives of the law with the purpose of tourist, economic growth and labor in Sinaloa.

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“Another representative of Q4 under that line of government is the Chemical Benítez, in Mazatlán, who, contrary to what happens with Estrada, opens the doors for us and enforces all the tax promotion certificates for the municipality of Mazatlán, that’s where Do you say what the hell is all this about? While a mayor, in a municipality with an economic strength like the one shown in Mazatlan, invites us to invest in developing, creating more sources of employment, and making the port more attractive, here Culiacán, where we are from home, all kinds of support are denied, “he said.

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He pointed out that despite the crisis, some members are already interested in investing in the Pearl of the Pacific.

Right there he said that it will be a representation of ‘Culichi’ gastronomy for national, international, and local tourists visiting the port.

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