Boa Constrictor sneaks into government offices in Cuernavaca, Morelos


In Morelos , a boa sneaked into the offices of the facilities of the Specialized Unit Against Kidnapping and Extortion (UECS) of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGJ).

It was the same workers from the Anti-kidnapping Unit in Morelos who noticed that the animal was prowling in the dependency’s facilities, for which they notified the environmental authorities.

Personnel from Mexico’s Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) were the ones who went to the scene and carried out the boa harvesting maneuvers that put the workers of the Anti-kidnapping Unit of the Morelos Prosecutor’s Office on alert.

After the capture of this boa was achieved, Profepa pointed out that the real causes of why the snake arrived there are unknown, but it is believed that due to its proximity to a ravine, it could sneak in because of that.

“The specimen entered the facilities apparently from the“ Rivetex ”ravine, which is located next to that institution, in Cuernavaca, Morelos. Once its state of health has been determined, the most suitable destination for this specimen will be analyzed. “


The agency reported that it is already studying where to locate the boa , after determining that it is in good health.

This type of finding has become something more common in Morelos , for example, a week ago, agents of the Undersecretary of Civil Protection of Cuernavaca captured a boa constrictor emperor inside a house in the Vista Hermosa neighborhood . The reptile, which measures about 80 centimeters , was handed over to the corresponding authorities.

According to reptile experts, due to the cold and rainy season, the boa seeks a warmer refuge, which is why it is common to find them roaming the streets during these months.

A year ago, for example, the municipality of Cuernavaca , reported that there was a specimen wandering in the streets of downtown.

If you see one of these animals, it is best to report it to the authorities and not try to catch it.

Source: UNO TV

Mexico Daily Post