Mexican athlete wins cross country UCI MTB World Cup 2020 competition


Mexican cyclist conquers cross country short track at UCI MTB World Cup 2020.

The UCI MTB World Cup 2020 takes is held in the Czech Republic.

Mexican cyclist Gerardo Ulloa conquered the Short Track competition of the World Cup held in the Czech Republic.

Ulloa, a member of the AR Pro Cycling Team and Pan-American champion, took over the tracks of the Nové Město na Moravě and since the beginning placed himself at the leading positions focused on his objective, conquering the competition, which he was able to do after overcoming a challenging closure against French cyclist Victor Koretzky.

Mexican cyclist conquers cross country short track at UCI MTB World Cup 2020
Mexican Gerardo Ulloa will continue participating in the World Cup – Photo: Taken from Cmité Olímpico Mexicano’s Twitter account

Ulloa was able to cross the finish line in 20 minutes and 15 seconds, only milliseconds before France’s competitors Victor Koretzky and Maxime Marotte.

“It was a fun race, hard, with a lot of mud, many falls; luckily, I also had had the mindset to win a short track race at a World Cup for several days and it was possible to achieve this results; I dedicate this triumph to my family that has always trusted me; this is especially for them and Mexico, for people to see that they can do whatever they want with hard work, you only need to be convinced and work hard. I’m very happy to be able to give Mexico this achievement and I will keep focused for there are three more competitions left,”

The participation of Mexicans at the Czech Republic’s MTB World Cup will continue on October 1 at 8:5 in the Elite category, which will include Gerardo Ulloa, and then with Monserrath Rodríguez and Adair Prieto at the U-23 competition.

Source: El Universal

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