Family of orcas photographed swimming off the coast of Sonora


Several specimens of killer whales have been seen off the coast of San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas in recent days.

Claudia Pavlovich , governor of Sonora , shared through her official Twitter account, the images of a family of orcas in the Sea of Cortez .

There are four specimens of killer whales that in recent days have been observed off the coast of San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas . This sighting occurred last Sunday, September 20, near the area known as the “ Los Abnegados ” ranch.

These killer whales were seen devouring stingrays. These species usually arrive in the area during winter, so it is thought that this visit was earlier due to the fact that Sonora recently registered a drop in temperature.

An obligatory destination

Some marine species arrive on the shores of the Sea of ​​Cortez during the autumn and winter months. They do it to feed, mate or just find a bit of quiet.

Their arrival is one of the busiest shows, so on these dates there is also an increase in tourists on the various beaches.

Source: Heraldo de Mexico

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