These are the health protocols to open a business in Mazatlan


Depending on the commercial line of a business, the security protocols may vary, however when it comes to the health guidelines in charge of preventing Covid-19 infections, the same applies to everyone.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The new normal has brought us changes in almost all aspects of life, even in the businesses that we usually frequent, for this reason, the Civil Protection Coordinator of Mazatlán, Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, gave to know what are the changes that have had to be adapted in the port businesses.

Ruiz Gastélum pointed out that, depending on the commercial line of business, the security protocols may vary, however when it comes to the health guidelines in charge of avoiding Covid-19 infections, the same applies to everyone.

“When you open any business, depending on the business in which you are going to dedicate yourself, there are certain rules that apply according to what you do, but there are also certain rules that apply without distinction, such as those general risk prevention rules”, he claimed.

Regarding the general protocols, it is important to carry out an evaluation of the security of the property, then to ensure the protection of the workers, and finally that the requirements also ensure the client or the diner, as well as the emergency exits or fire extinguishers. However, regarding the sanitary standards of the new normal, it is requested, of all things, to have regulated access.

“It is recommended that you have an access door, where you have control of your clients, and an exit door, why? Remember that it is restricted to a certain number of people inside a property, regardless of whether it is small, medium or large, “recalled the coordinator.

He added that in the event that the line of business is a self-service store, it is important that workers keep a log, as well as sanitize their belongings. Subsequently, it is important that the merchandise is also sanitized before it is for sale.

On the other hand, in the case of businesses selling alcohol, it is necessary to collect signatures from neighbors to acknowledge that they are in favor of the said establishment. He also stressed that outside of the sanitary protocols that include the sanitizing mat when entering, the antibacterial gel, and the infrared thermometer, safety regulations have always been applied, however, due to the pandemic many people come to believe that they are related and new.

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“From then on, they are all the same, they are specific rules and more general rules. It is not something new, something that has been done previously and maybe right now people see it a little strange or are relating it to Covid like that of ‘there is that they did not ask for it’ “, concluded Ruiz Gastélum.


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