Querétaro is one of the 10 safest cities in Mexico


The mayor of Querétaro visited the Reforma Agraria neighborhood, where he acknowledged that security actions have not stopped despite the pandemic.

As part of the conference for his Second Results Report, the municipal president of Querétaro, Luis Nava, visited the Reforma Agraria neighborhood in the Josefa Vergara y Hernández delegation, where he highlighted the construction of the new Subcomandancia Sur.

Through a statement, he pointed out that despite the contingency caused by Covid-19, security actions continued, positioning Querétaro among the ten safest cities in all of Mexico; in addition to having more and better police officers.

The mayor mentioned the progress of the Subcomandancia Sur, which is being built with an investment of 10.7 million pesos, and which will attend to incidents in the southern part of the city of Queretaro. 

He also stressed that with the C4 there is better technology to serve the population and provide greater peace of mind.

Luis Nava reported the results of his second year of government in the Reforma Agraria neighborhood / Photo: Courtesy of the Municipality of Querétaro

The mayor announced that a new parking lot with more than 100 boxes will be made in the Lomas Market, as well as improvements to the roof and the change of the electrical installation of the entire market, in addition to having a new design in the walkway for the benefit of tenants and visitors.

He highlighted that in the particular case of the Reforma Agraria neighborhood, the number of homes with electricity was increased, and there are already more than 157 neighborhoods served, to achieve 16 thousand points of light installed for the tranquility and safety of the population.

In addition, he mentioned that in the area, different streets were re-paved, painting and weeding tasks were carried out, tree pruning in different streets and gardens, collection of garbage, and the cleaning of the rain drain located next to the March 4 Market.

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