Sonora adds at least 314 people ‘kidnapped’ as of May


Hermosillo has almost half of the people “kidnapped” or deprived of their freedom as of May to date, according to data from at least one search group for disappeared persons, who have a record of illegal deprivation of liberty in at least 29 municipalities.

Sonora has a record of at least 314 people “raised” in the state in a period of 126 days, that is, from May 9 to date, a figure that contrasts with those of the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP) that from January to July he has 248 crimes against personal freedom.

The above figures indicate a figure of 2.49 people deprived of their liberty or “levantados” kidnapped in the state daily since May.

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Since May, Periódico Expreso has collected information directly with the search groups as well as with relatives of disappeared persons, who speak directly with the victims’ families throughout the state.

It is thanks to the work of the groups that it is known that, at least in Hermosillo, there are up to five events of illegal deprivation of liberty daily, of which one or two are reported, and if the victim returns home they avoid filing a complaint for fear of further damage to his integrity or his life is threatened.

“Those who return are almost always threatened with death, themselves or their families,” commented a leader of the group.

Although the figures are not discriminated against by male or female victims, they indicate that in Hermosillo and its surroundings there are at least 130 people in search files, which are requested by their relatives to the numbers displayed on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

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The capital of Sonora tops the list with the highest number of missing persons, followed by Guaymas, Nogales, Puerto Peñasco, Cajeme and Caborca.

In addition, there is also data from Empalme, Bácum, Huásabas, Santa Ana, Benjamín Hill, Sonoyta, San Pedro de la Cueva, Yécora, Magdalena, Pesqueira, Naco, Nacozari, Vícam, Ures, Huatabampo, Cananea, Mazatán, Navojoa, Agua Prieta , Altar, San Luis Río Colorado, Ímuris and San Ignacio Río Muerto.

For its part, the SESNSP has a record from January to July 2020, that is, in approximately 240 days, 248 crimes against personal liberty, which in number are increasing as the months go by: January 26; February 23; March, 37; April, 35; May, 32; June, 44 and July 55.

It should be noted that the crimes against personal freedom are: Kidnapping Extortion; Kidnapping with Hostage Quality, Kidnapping to Cause Harm; Express hijacking; Other Kind of Kidnappings; Trafficking of Minors and Kidnapping.

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Of them in the figures there is only one crime of kidnapping “express” and two kidnappings in the entire period of time.

However, in “other crimes against personal liberty” (in which the type of crime it represents is not specified and is open to interpretation) there are the remaining 246 incidents.

Collective data:
Total 314
Hermosillo 130
Guaymas 30
Nogales 28
Puerto Peñasco 20
Cajeme 19
Caborca ​​17
Empalme 8
Bácum 1
Huásabas, 1
Santa Ana, 1
Benjamín Hill, 1
Sonoyta, 4
San Pedro de la Cueva 1
Yécora 3
Magdalena 5
Pesqueira 1
Naco 1
Nacozari 1
Vícam 1
Ures 3
Huatabampo 4
Cananea 2
Mazatán 2
Navojoa 7
Agua Prieta 4
Altar 5
San Luis Río Colorado 7
Ímuris 5
San Ignacio Río Muerto 2


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