Sinaloa promote Mipymes products and services from Sinaloa through the platform


An online store where the buyer will find 750 companies and 1,000 regional products.

“Consume Sinaloa gives us that opportunity to diversify our sales, to be able to have via this platform at no cost and a range of opportunities: Lizárraga Mercado”

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- In order to strengthen the sales channels of companies, this day the digital platform “Consume Sinaloa” was launched, a marketplace that will be a digital showcase where you can offer and find any product or service from anywhere.

The Government of Sinaloa through the Ministry of Economy launches this marketplace with the firm commitment to continue promoting local and regional consumption, this digital platform will allow companies from Sinaloa from 18 municipalities to offer their products and services online, in the same way as They do it in their physical stores.

The Secretary of Economy, Javier Lizárraga Mercado said that the instruction of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel is to continue creating new strategies for the competitiveness and commercialization of products and services of Sinaloa companies.

“Consume Sinaloa gives us the opportunity to diversify our sales, to be able to have via this platform at no cost, to have this range of opportunities, there are already 750 registered companies and almost 1,000 products that we can already acquire via this platform, and what better with our Sinaloan products, in this pandemic we occupy the solidarity of all, now we insert ourselves in this new opportunity to sell digitally, we are giving this opportunity to these Sinaloan products “, mentioned the Secretary of Economy.

Lizárraga Mercado said that it is necessary to break paradigms with E Commerce using this type of tools that offer products and services through a digital platform to reach countless clients.

“We urge people to strengthen the economy and consume what is ours, what is regional, the important thing is to collaborate with each other to get out as soon as possible,” he stressed.

The advantages of buying in a Marketplace are: buy your favorite brands and companies in a single click, you have the entire offer in one place, competitive prices and products available 24 hours.

And the advantages of selling in a Marketplace are: it is an additional sales channel, access to a large audience, you do not need to have your own online store, greater credibility and trust in your brand and cross-selling with other brands.

To register on this platform, you can access the following website: Registration at

To date, 750 registered companies and almost 1,000 products are registered on the platform.

In this presentation of the platform, the Sub Secretary of Fund and Financing Management, Morayma Yaseen Campomanes, the President of Canacintra Culiacán, Francisco Álvarez Aguilar, the President of Tomato Valley, Fernando Gallardo and the Director of Projects and Entrepreneurship, Dulce Rodríguez.


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