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One of the sectors that have been promoted the most in Queretaro has been real estate, and very beautiful residential developments have been created

Querétaro is one of the Mexican cities whose growth we have appreciated since the last decades, and it has gone from being a small city to becoming one of the most important and prosperous in Mexico and Latin America. One of the sectors that has been promoted the most in Querétaro has been real estate, and very beautiful residential developments have been created that attract the attention of people from all over the country.

We invite you to discover more about the new residential developments in Querétaro and everything they have to offer to its inhabitants. If you have considered living in this amazing city, you cannot miss these very modern urban subdivisions designed for the whole family.

Cañadas del Lago

Master Plan Cañadas del Lago

Cañadas del Lago is a residential urban subdivision located south of Querétaro, which has all the advantages of a vacation residence with the best natural resources and amenities, but only 15 minutes from the most important areas of the city. This subdivision has been designed to combine the beauty of the natural resources of the region with the modernity of the city. In this development, there are lands for different uses, such as single-family residential, vertical multifamily, and commercial.

Some of the best attractions of this subdivision are all its amenities; residents will be able to enjoy many green areas, parks, playgrounds, and will even have exclusive access to Cañadas by Regency, a family sports club. All this makes it one of the urban developments with the most amenities in Querétaro.


This urban subdivision has a privileged location near the commercial areas of Querétaro, but within its limits, there is calm and harmony. At Zákia, the designers combined the available land with a large number of green areas and recreation areas available to all residents, such as a lake, playgrounds, campfire areas, and much more.

In addition, this urbanism has a special distribution so that security is guaranteed throughout the subdivision. In Záika there are lots destined for the construction of single-family homes, buildings and shops.

La Espiga

La Espiga urban subdivision is like a small city within Querétaro. In this large subdivision, there are more than 2500 lots with different surfaces, in which houses, businesses, and commercial buildings can be built. In La Espiga, modernity is the most important thing, which is why it is considered one of the most futuristic office and home spaces in the city.

However, the modernity of its constructions does not allow nature to be left aside since it also has a wide section of parks and green areas that create a perfect balance. This is a subdivision that is committed to the development of the whole family.


Another amazing urban development in Querétaro is Altozano, a residential-only subdivision that has many amenities and beautiful views of the great natural attractions in the area. This development has many top-quality infrastructure and security conditions, as well as landscaping and recreational areas.

One of the best things Altozano has to offer is that it has houses already built ready to be inhabited. However, you can also choose to buy land and build your own home.

Urban developments have been very beneficial in the growth of Querétaro, and it is very good to know that there are many options that are adapted to the needs of each family or investor. The developments we have seen on this list, and many others, have made our city one of the best places to live.

Querétaro is the ideal state to invest

Querétaro has certain very interesting aspects that would benefit investments in general

Querétaro has interesting aspects that would benefit investments in general

Mexico is one of the Latin American countries that attracts the most investors’ attention, and talking about the economic development of its states is crucial to know in which areas of the country it is safest to invest. Some of the states with the most growth in recent decades have been Guanajuato, Nuevo León and Querétaro; but recently the latter has taken the lead, becoming the state with the best investment environment.

Querétaro is a state in constant growth that offers great opportunities to its residents, in addition to having many little explored commercial sectors. These sectors can be used by investors, which would provide benefits not only for the investor but also for the entire state and its inhabitants.

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Why invest in Querétaro?

According to studies and surveys carried out by the country’s information and economy media, Querétaro has certain very interesting aspects that would benefit investments in general. In the first place, its economic development has been such that its capital city, Santiago de Querétaro, has become the second most sought after city to live in, after Mexico City.

In terms of security in general, Querétaro has very important indexes, being considered one of the three safest states to live in Mexico. But security in economic policies is also a variable to take into account, since it is considered 90% better than other developing states in the country.

This state is considered new in many ways, since its development began 3 decades ago, and its population is quite young. This means that various economic sectors have not been sufficiently explored, offering many opportunities to investors . Each of these aspects in combination make Querétaro an ideal place for investment.

What to invest in in Querétaro?

Querétaro has a very young population, with the majority of its inhabitants between 15 and 36 years old. This indicates that what the population is most looking for are good educational and work opportunities, as well as great residential options and places for recreation.

The real estate sector is presented as one of the most optimal for exploration, since, according to surveys, more than 78% of the city’s inhabitants are interested in buying a home, be it a house or an apartment; also 8% seek to buy offices or spaces for job development.

Investti is a real estate developer from Querétaro that has developed amazing urban subdivisions, full of comforts and amenities, in which it offers land for sale ready for the construction of houses, multi-family homes and vertical buildings for mixed use; an ideal option for builders who want to invest in this sector.

As for the commercial sector , there are many areas of interest; The city of Querétaro has a very large industrial sector that generates significant profits and thousands of jobs annually, where manufacturing and technology are protagonists. Depending on the company or business that you want to locate in this state, it is best to do a previous market study.

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Investing in the recreation sector can also offer many benefits, especially for those looking to start with a smaller investment. The entire sector of restaurants, cafes, shops in general, entertainment and sports, is highly frequented by the population. Other aspects such as security and transport are also sectors with great potential.

Querétaro is, without a doubt, a state that offers infinite possibilities for the economic growth of its investors, so it is worth studying each of the available options. This state continues to develop and is projected only into the future.

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