La Tinaja waterfall in Mocorito arouses great tourist interest


This site has become one of the most desired places to visit by travelers from different places.

Mocorito, Sinaloa.- Nestled in the Sinaloan mountains, about 4 kilometers ahead of the San Benito receivership, Mocorito, there is a small town called Loma Redonda, where just about three years ago it was learned of the existence of a natural waterfall that I could catapult this welcoming place to the top of tourist success.

This extraordinary place is known by the locals as La Tinaja, and every year in the rainy season, when water is abundant, hundreds of people come, who are prepared to enjoy a pleasant climate as they enter the cool waters that roll downhill from the top of the waterfall.

José José Norzagaray Parra, Director of Tourism of Mocorito, said that one of the attractions of this municipality are the waterfalls and that one of the most outstanding is the La Tinaja waterfall, in the San Benito receivership. He added that there are some other waterfalls in Mocorito and that one of them is very close to the head, in the El Salto community.

Mocorito Cascada La Tinaja aroused great tourist interest
There are limited trails to get there. / Photography: Matías Rodríguez THE DEBATE

They are natural attractions, which together with the riverbanks in various communities, become attractive and become meeting points for families ”.

This is an ideal place for people looking for extreme activities or for those who have very good physical condition because when you get to this town you have to continue until the end of it and then walk 1 kilometer, cross the river and continue another 3 kilometers it costs up between some small paths that end up guiding the location of the waterfall but to enjoy this natural attraction you have to go down a steep and dangerous path, to finally touch the fresh water that falls from the heights of the stones.

In recent days, social networks have been invaded by publications that Internet users upload to the internet showing this beautiful place, which few know and which today is becoming very popular among lovers of trips and walks.

It has been seen that the entire family arrives at this waterfall, which despite being small, leaves those who visit it astonished.

Mocorito Cascada La Tinaja aroused great tourist interest
From this point the La Tinaja waterfall begins. / Photography: Matías Rodríguez THE DEBATE

An important fact is that it can only be appreciated a few hours after the rain falls, because the water is more abundant, otherwise there would be very little liquid from the La Tinaja waterfall.

In this municipality of Mocorito you can see such impressive places and a clear example are the waterfalls located in the El Salto community, very close to the municipal seat, as well as one in the Terrero de los Pacheco community; These attractions were little known due to the remoteness in which they are, but now with the use of social networks the same inhabitants have taken on the task of showing off the natural riches that each of the communities of this beautiful municipality called Pueblo has. Magical.

It is thanks to this that many outsiders come to enjoy a quiet and peaceful place such as waterfalls.

The relaxing sound of the water falling between the rocks makes anyone lose stress and enjoy a beautiful afternoon, either alone or in the company of their loved ones.


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