“Buyer beware” AMPI reports 4,000 unlicensed people sell real estate in Quintana Roo


Cancun, Q.R. — The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) says recent figures show approximately 4,000 unlicensed people selling real estate in Quintana Roo. Jorge Nolasco, Vice President of AMPI Cancun says these new figures are more than double that of five years ago.

There were only 2,000 unlicensed people selling real estate in Quintana Roo five years ago, noted the VP of the Asociación Mexicana de Agentes Inmobiliarios (AMPI) of Cancun, adding that these increased figures have become a concern since these untrained sellers are putting client’s assets at risk.

He says that people selling real estate are obligated by law to register with AMPI, however, this is not happening as the number of people engaging in real estate transactions increases.

“Already in the last informal census carried out by the association, we found that there were more than 4,000 selling real estate, while in reality, there are only a few hundred who are registered as individuals or as legal entities,” he explained.

Jorge Nolasco, VP of AMPI Cancun

The importance of being a registered AMPI agent means that the person selling has sufficient training as a real estate adviser and that the assets to be bought or sold are not at risk.

Miguel Angel Lemus Mateos, president AMPI Cancun says that as a result of this, and with a noticeable increase in people marketing real estate goods on social networks, they have started an awareness campaign so buyers are aware of trained and licensed real estate agents.

“As a result of the contingency, we are seeing many sales are direct online, although this can lead to fraud since anyone can upload a photo to the web and sell even without having contact with the owners, which is why having a license guarantees that he.she is an agent,” explained Lemus Mateos.

“It is necessary to comply with the law to provide certainty in Quintana Roo, which is why we will also ask authorities to initiate procedures for those who are not complying,” he mentioned.

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Source: riviera-maya-news.com

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