Baja California Sur bars pretend to sell food to avoid covid restrictions


The Coepris announced that it will act against these sites that are evading the suspension

the head of the Baja California Sur Health Secretariat (SSaBCS) Víctor George Flores, warned that they would begin to tighten sanctions on businesses that violate security measures in health that have been imposed to avoid contagion of Covid-19 in the entity, especially, in the bars that simulate the sale of food to be able to stay open, Dr. Blanca Pulido Medrano, head of the State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COEPRIS) pointed out that they have been receiving complaints regarding the issue.

For his part, George Flores said that there will be sanctions for any business that does not respect the 30 percent occupancy capacity and that in turn more attention will be paid to those bars that pretend to be restaurants to open their doors, “with all It is worth it, and that people in these bars disguised as restaurants do not even complain, because you do have to do what you have to do, even if it is not a very popular measure, and even if they turn to friends and acquaintances to advocate for them, Well, no way, the common good comes first ”, stated the BCS Health Secretary.

In context, Dr. Blanca Pulido Medrano, head of the State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COEPRIS), in the entity, specified that they are attending to complaints and will carry out suspensions in this type of commercial establishments, “in this meeting of the Committee of Health Security of the State Government, we determined to carry out a more exhaustive operation, so that those who arrive and do not have food consumption will be suspended, ”said the head of COEPRIS.

Likewise, the State Commissioner explained that the municipal agency that will have to carry out the inspections in coordination with COEPRIS, will be the Municipal Directorate of Commerce of each City Council. “Therefore, the suspension will be prior by businesses and the other through operations,” said the State Commissioner.


In an interview for El Sudcaliforniano the owner of a well-known bar in the state capital, announced that in his case he had to implement a new menu for his business, buy kitchen items and supplies in order to open his establishment, since more than 25 families depend on it, “this pandemic has taught us to look for alternatives since it is not yet time for us to open, however I could no longer pay the employees’ payroll, there are more than 25 families who depend on me establishment and the outlook is really very sad, they are not the same sales, there are not many diners, the drinks are sold but the customer is specified that they have to be accompanied by some food from our new menu, since if we are surprised by the authorities operating as a bar without food,we will be entitled to a fine “

For his part, the businessman decided to keep his identity anonymous, however, he reported that after having been closed for more than 3 months, to be able to open under the sanitary regulations of the “new normal”, it generated a great expense, since, He had to buy infrared thermometers, antibacterial gel, sanitizers, provide his staff with face masks, masks and gloves, buy gallons of antibacterial gel, sanitize the place apart from the fumigations that were constantly done, however, here we are at the bottom of the canyon, because we had two alternatives, make these expenses or close and abandon more than 25 families in the middle of this aggressive health pandemic that reached us ”,said the businessman.

“At this meeting of the State Government Health Safety Committee, we determined to carry out a more exhaustive operation, so that those who arrive and do not have food consumption will be suspended.”

Blanca Pulido Medrano, Head of COEPRIS at BCS


Dr. Blanca Pulido Medrano pointed out that the operations will be more exhaustive in these bars since what is sought is to prevent the Covid-19 virus from continuing to spread in the entity, stating that they will be carried out in coordination with the inspectors of the Directorates of Commerce of each municipality.

For his part, he recalled that the health traffic light in Baja California Sur remains at level 5 orange or critical alert, allowing recreational and socio-cultural activities with a capacity of 30%, and a social distancing of 1 person for every 4 square meters , which will be more exhaustively supervised in these establishments, since a large part of the population continues not to comply with the instructions of the authorities, and disbelieves in the Covid-19 virus.


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