Definitely! Sinaloa is going to ban junk food and drinks to minors


The legislator said that this action represents an emergency that requires immediate measures.

Escuinapa, Sinaloa.- The coordinator of the Morena parliamentary group in the State Congress and president of Jucopo, Graciela Domínguez Nava, said that they will seek to prohibit the sale of junk food and sugary drinks to minors in Sinaloa, as well as it happened in Oaxaca with the majority of the local congress.

Sinaloa – Comida chatarra

“The consumption of foods of little nutritional value among our boys and girls has been normalized, leading to an increase in cases of childhood obesity; According to what was said by the United Nations Children’s Fund itself, this represents an emergency that requires immediate measures as it affects the growth and development of our sons and daughters, ”said the deputy.

This action is derived from an early prevention against diseases such as diabetes and obesity, which have caused mortality in other secondary diseases such as covid-19, figures that in Mexico have been the head of deaths from this pandemic.

Como en Oaxaca! Diputado propone prohibir venta de comida chatarra ...

The Chamelense legislator reiterated that the deputies of Morena in Sinaloa, and as it was done in Oaxaca, intend to do in other entities, including Mexico City, presenting a bill to ban the sale of sugary drinks and food scrap to minors in the state.

Proponen en Sinaloa prohibir venta de comida "chatarra" a niños y ...


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