Tourists “forget” about pandemic and throw a party on the streets of Los Cabos


Tourists and residents in the port of Cabo San Lucas were caught when they organized their own party, before the closing of bars and canteens, “took” to the streets and began to dance.

To the rhythm of the Jamaican Sean Paul, with his “I’m still in love with you …” a score of people were observed dancing on the sidewalk and taking part of the Lázaro Cárdenas boulevard.

From a stopped car, with the lights on and the horns at full blast, music could be heard, while tourists, some foreigners, and others more curious came to make the group bigger.

Some citizens captured the moment on video and others began to broadcast live. In one of the recordings, a woman is heard saying: “only in Cabo …”.

Others have questioned that in the midst of the pandemic they have encouraged the meeting of several people and generated the risk of contagion.

It is possible to observe in the distance a patrol that was going to approach the partiers.

The videos are circulating and have generated diverse reactions, from those who applaud the action to those who criticize.

In Los Cabos, there are capacity restrictions on the beaches, although certain nautical activities are allowed.

The operation of bars, clubs and canteens is not yet allowed and for a few weeks, owners of these establishments have begun to look for protocols to request that the Ministry of Health allow them to operate.

BCS is considered a red light nationwide due to the rise in the number of positive cases for Covid; However, at the local level, the authorities advanced to the orange traffic light, which increased mobility and infections.

Authorities report that even hospital occupancy levels are manageable and the state has a low mortality rate. They say that the high incidence is due to the fact that many tests are carried out and cases are being detected


The Mazatlan Post