They accuse the Red Cross in Mazatlan of not attending emergencies


It is not the first time they have received this type of accusation

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- One more report through social networks is added against the Red Cross. It is not the first time that through groups on Facebook, people denounce that they were not treated at the institution.

This time it is about a mother who desperately came to seek help for her daughter, a minor who suffered from severe pain from colitis, but upon arrival at the institution, they were rejected by the staff who declared that there were no doctors or nurses who could assist them.

Cruz Roja atiende urgencias sin muertes | EL DEBATE

“My question is … why do you have that place open if there are no doctors or nurses? … better close …”, said the affected woman.

The issue of the situation in hospitals is serious, as going with children can be even riskier.

The family had to solve the situation with the help of the eldest daughter, who, being a nurse, had to inject the youngest with medication through an IV on a sidewalk because the pain was unbearable.

Acusan a la Cruz Roja en Mazatlán de no atender urgencias ...

In the comments of the publication, you can find some angry users who claim to have suffered similar situations in the Red Cross, some even point out that they are not treated if you do not pay a mandatory sum of money.

In addition to this, they complain that the Red Cross collects a lot of money, and yet it is never reflected in aid to society. 


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