Lightning strikes a plane in Campeche, reports of one injury


The injured person is a mechanic who at that time made the connection between the communication system
of the cockpit with the controllers on the ground

CIUDAD DEL CARMEN .- Lightning struck the terminal building of the Ciudad del Carmen International Airport and a plane that
was on the runway, causing injuries to a worker.

It is about a mechanic from the Aeroméxico company, named José Antonio Canul Noh, 56 years old, who was transferred to a hospital of the Mexican Institute of Social Security ( IMSS ) in the Centro neighborhood by a Red Cross ambulance.

According to some versions, around 7:25 p.m., lightning struck the airport building, but part of the electrical discharge was attracted to
a plane that was bound for Mexico City since at that time it was connecting between the cockpit communication system with controllers on the ground. The flight was canceled.

At the airport facilities, the electricity supply was interrupted and emergency plans were activated due to the fact that there were workers
and passengers in lounges.

Until 21:00 hours, airline staff or the International Airport of Ciudad de Carmen issued information on the incident

Aeromexico reported that a colleague of his performing maintenance on a platform for a flight at the International Airport of Ciudad de Carmen when he received an electric shock apparently as a result of lightning

“Our colleague was transferred to a hospital for his medical attention, his situation is stable and we will continue to monitor his health, which is the highest priority for the company,” he said


The Mazatlan Post