Mass concentration of foreigners in San Cristobal de las Casas worries locals


San Cristobal de Las Casas.- After holding meetings with businessmen from this city, the federal deputy, Carlos Morales Vazquez, indicated that the greatest concern is the concentration of people from other municipalities who receive various government support and that in addition to being a risk contagion, they also do their physiological needs in the streets, apart from the closure, which affects them.

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In a press conference, he refers that the businessmen tell him that the banks that have branches outside the historic center, should pay them there, to avoid crowding, “or use other spaces such as the Fair Park, DIF facilities, some other institution.”

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“They (the employers) have not been taken care of, there is a quite strong crisis, jobs are still being lost, it would be lying to people that this is in full recovery, more jobs are being lost every day, it is not clear where the help can come from, they try to reopen businesses, there are recognized by social security more than a million lost jobs, plus informal ones, it is estimated that the unemployed may reach 10 million, this can aggravate poverty, it is estimated that there are more than 10 million poor ”, he added.

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Morales Vázquez, made it clear that he has also received people from the informal trade, the street vendors, who he knows are also suffering this situation, so he considered it necessary to seek the unit “work collectively to move forward on this issue.”

The federal deputy, Carlos Morales also assured that the “crisis has not been addressed as it should be”, since the figures are not those reported by the federal undersecretary of health, as well as the Secretary of State Health, “which are always misinforming, he has not addressed the root causes to solve the problem.

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“The necessary tests have not been done to understand the issue of the pandemic, tests are needed, medicines, we have supported the different institutions to mitigate a little civil society, politicians, businessmen, we have all helped, not exclusively what has been repeated is that more emphasis and attention be placed on this matter ”, he added.

Finally, he reiterated that the figures released by the federal and state health authorities are not the truth, and it is urgent to know, but above all that civil society continues to take care of itself, to avoid a more complicated situation because there is no hospital capacity “and until we have a vaccine, we will continue to have this problem, especially for the most vulnerable people.”


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