Neighbors of new soccer stadium in Mazatlan afraid of the eviction


The fear is for the commercial growth that could occur in the vicinity of the stadium and that the owners could capitalize well on these lands

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- land invaders near the soccer stadium of Mazatlán FC, live with the uncertainty and anxiety of a possible eviction in the face of commercial growth in the areas where they are settled.

David N, a resident of the Montebello invasion, acknowledged his fear of being evicted and having nowhere to go, nor with the economic possibilities to acquire some land elsewhere and set up his home.

“In my case, yes, because I don’t have a house to go to or any other land, I don’t know other people, but if we had to evict what we are going to do,” he lamented.


For his part, Yadira López, from the Villa Tutulli invasion, commented that in his case they already have an agreement with the owner of the land, where they have built their home, which they sell for 156 thousand pesos to pay in two years and with a down payment of 15 thousand pesos, in addition to a monthly payment of just over 6 thousand pesos.

However, he acknowledged that the property has only been declared because there is no signed contract, so they fear that the owner may withdraw and ask to be evicted.

“We are not sure yet, because the lady (owner) has not signed us, but we need to see the contract first,” he added.


Carmina Vargas, of the same invasion, reinforced the comment of her neighbor, since they have nothing certain because the owner of the property has not been ‘tied’ with a contract, so it could be rectified when another client came out to improve the purchase.


The Mazatlan Post