Tulum mayor announces mandatory wearing of facemasks in public or face jail time


Tulum, Q.R. — Mouth masks are mandatory in public spaces and those found not wearing them will be fined, announced the Secretary of Public Security Alberto Capella Ibarra and Tulum mayor, Víctor Mas Tah.

The joint announcement was made during a press conference Thursday with Mas Tah saying the heavy hand is being applied to contain and stop the accelerated growth of infections throughout the municipality.

Capella explained that for those found not properly wearing mouth masks in public, a fine of up to 9,000 peso or 36 hours of jail time will be the result. He added that 200,000 mouth masks will be distributed to citizens in the municipality of Tulum.

Tulum images by Alfonso Galindo
By Alfonso Galindo

Mas Tah mentioned that it is not a drastic measure (as previously announced) but that fines will be applied. “It is about containing the increase of COVID-19 infections to keep us at the orange traffic light and if possible, advance to yellow.”

Information in both Spanish and English will also be distributed to citizens on the mandatory use of mouth covers and on fines, arrests or community service that will be applied to those found in non-compliance.

Source: riviera-maya-news.com

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