Clandestine Mega-Party closed in Puerto Vallarta amidst pandemic


Despite the fact that social events are suspended due to the coronavirus epidemic, Covid-19, a clandestine party was held in Puerto Vallarta at Terra Noble.

Mega party location (Google Maps)

José Juan Velázquez Hernández, director of Inspection and Regulations of the Municipality, indicated that the place was closed early Sunday morning.

“At 1:30 in the morning we went there, we verified that there was indeed a party. We met with a person who said he was the organizer and obviously we know that the State Government indicates parties, function of salons, is not allowed, it was explained to him and because they could not prove in any way that they were complying with the hygiene protocol, the place was closed,” he said.

He explained the party had brought together about 150 people.

Some sources reported that the event was held on the occasion of the celebration of Sexual Diversity Day.

Puerto Vallarta is within the first three places in the municipal territories with the most deaths in Jalisco, the city has seen a 73% increase in cases in the past week.

Source: PVDN

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