Mazatlan hotels may start conditional accommodation on June 15


Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Hotel leaders estimate that the opening date for their companies would be June 15. Most of the lodging centers in Mazatlan, such as the case of Pueblo Bonito and Emerald Bay, are ready, they only await the indications of the health authorities to specify the exact date on which they can open the doors to the public.

Conditional accommodation

However, the hoteliers have already defined that they will be able to handle guests with essential activity, that is, that they come to the port of Mazatlán for labor reasons.

The requirements are that when an employee has to travel to the city, the company must send a letter to the hotel explaining the reasons for the trip.

The document must be sent two days before the arrival of the worker.

The hotel chain will have to send the letter to the Ministry of Tourism so that it is aware and when it carries out an inspection it does not sanction the company.

About 25 percent of the hotel’s capacity will be allowed for lodging for essential activity.

The fear of the hoteliers is that it will increase the number of cases active by Covid-19 again and delay the date of opening of shops.

The workers are also desperate because they want to return to work as normal. Especially since they expect the extra income from tips.

José Gámez assured that only in his hotels employees receive tips.

Hoteliers expect the contagion curve to flatten, otherwise it will continue with the uncertainty of a certain date to work.

The restaurants

In the case of restaurateurs, they have not stopped operating, said Canirac president Rodrigo Becerra Rodríguez.

The service is at 40 percent of the restaurant’s capacity. The rules are to keep a healthy distance, and only four people per table.

In addition to the mandatory use of the mouth mask and antibacterial gel for clients and workers, the latter have to wash their hands frequently.

The increase of contagions worries the restaurateurs, nevertheless, they consider that the number could decrease.

Becerra Rodríguez pointed out that they cannot demand the service of 50 percent of the shops’ capacity, since they do not even fill the 40 percent quota.

They expect the critical stage of active cases to pass to return to work up to 80 percent.

The Canirac leader stressed that they operate by a manual implemented by federal and state health authorities.


The Mazatlan Post