Chihuahua sees that another dog is wearing his clothes and tries to take it off by force [VIDEO]


Through YouTube, the unique reaction of a chihuahua dog went viral after seeing that another dog was wearing the clothes that its owner had given him.

“Jealous dog”, this is how several YouTube users rated an angry chihuahua dog, after seeing the funny video he starred in, after realizing that another dog was wearing the clothes that its owner had bought for him. The chihuahua did everything to take it off. The fun images of the event soon became a trend on social networks.

The jealous animal proceeded to snatch his clothes and then try to put them on. Thousands of users in MexicoSpain, the United States, among other countries, did not hesitate to share the images. Did you get to see them? Here we leave them for you.

The author of the YouTube video, a young woman who lives in Mexico, revealed that she loves dogs, especially those of the Chihuahua breed, so she decided to buy one to keep her tender pet company. She thought they would get along, but she was greatly surprised.

As you can see in the images, which have more than 1.4 million views on YouTube, the young woman put the ‘old’ clothes on her new dog, without imagining that her chihuahua would get very angry and to her surprise, she would decide to take it off by force.

The images published on YouTube left thousands of people speechless on social networks since no one would have imagined that a dog had such a reaction since even at the end of the video he is seen trying to put on the clothes he had removed.

“It made me remember when I saw my brother wearing my clothes.” “Some dogs are jealous and more if you touch their things to give them other uses.” “I have not stopped laughing with those Chihuahuas”, these are some of the comments that users of YouTube made in this viral video.


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