Mazatlan is in no condition to reopen businesses


JUNE 3, 2020

Covid-19 cases have not decreased in the port of Mazatlan

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Mazatlán is not yet in a position to resume tourist activities or begin to open non-essential businesses because the traffic light of the Ministry of Health marks red, said David González Torrentera.

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The municipal Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries clarified that it is difficult to be able to talk about dates to re-open businesses or open beaches because there are still no conditions; doing so would only increase contagion.

We are proposing a reactivation protocol, but it is risky to talk about dates, the issue here is that the restart of operations will be based on the intensity of contagion in our municipality, and according to how the pandemic has behaved in Mazatlán we could still be in red light 

David González Torrentera.

González Torrentera pointed out that a protocol was proposed so that non-essential activities can begin to operate. But it will be until the traffic light of the Ministry of Health turns orange; And for that, it is of utmost importance that the population continues to stay at home.

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I agree that we all want the economy to be reactivated, I agree that we all want to be able to get out, but you have to be responsible and collaborate, cooperate because this is a time for society to unite 

David González Torrentera.

The municipal official maintained that until now in Mazatlan only essential activities will continue to operate because if all businesses are opened early, there is a risk of saturating the local health system.


Until the Traffic Light of the Ministry of Health marks Mazatlán with orange color, then it is possible to resume commercial activities.

Covid-19 have not decrease in Sinaloa

The Secretary of Health in Sinaloa (SSS) reported that there are 122 new patients, 510 active cases, and 502 deaths, in addition to 1,119 suspected of having this deadly virus. In total there are already 3,224 patients.

The new coronavirus patients were registered in nine municipalities in which, as usual, Culiacán ranks first with 34 new ones. Followed by this is Mazatlán with 29, Ahome with 15 as well as Guasave and Salvador Alvarado; El Rosario and Mocorito with five and Escuinapa and Navolato with two.

As the deaths add up to 502, Distributed as follows:

282 from Culiacán, 71 in Ahome, 57 in Mazatlán, 32 in Navolato, 30 in Guasave, 13 in Salvador Alvarado, four in Escuinapa and El Fuerte; two in Angostura, Mocorito and Badiraguato; only one in Sinaloa, El Rosario, Concordia and Elota.

On the platform, there was a lag of 19 deaths: nine from Culiacán, three from Mazatlán, two from Salvador Alvarado, two from Navolato, two from Ahome, and one from Guasave.

Recovered cases have been on the rise significantly. There are two thousand 334 recovered.

On the other hand, the active cases are distributed in these quantities by municipality: 116 from Culiacán, 78 from Ahome, 75 from Guasave, 74 from Mazatlán, 55 from Salvador Alvarado, 27 from Navolato, 17 from Escuinapa, 13 from Angostura, 11 from Mocorito, nine from Rosario and Sinaloa; eight from El Fuerte, five from Concordia, four from San Ignacio; three from Choix and Elota, two from Cosalá and one from Badiraguato.

As for active patients, 38.3 percent are hospitalized of which 9 percent are serious.


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