The new FR-EE museum will be located in Mazatlan, learn more in the video below


The new Mazatlan Museum will be a cultural center dedicated to spreading local culture through a historical and anthropological perspective

Fernando Romero has shared with us his latest cultural project within the Mexican city known as the “Pearl of the Pacific”, it is the Mazatlán Museum, which will provide a symbol of identity to the city and which aims to become a City Museum, where its past and local culture are exhibited and will be a point of social integration with the community.

The new Mazatlan Museum, a cultural ‘pearl’ in the Pacific

The new Mazatlán Museum, which will be located on Avenida Leonismo Internacional, next to the Laguna del Camarón.

Marinela Servitje, president of Siete Colores Ideas Interactivas, an organization dedicated to the creation of multimedia cultural spaces for social development, will develop the MUSMA programming, since the museum will have an educational, dynamic, flexible, participatory and interactive nature, which will deal with topics from the sea and environmentalism to gastronomy and daily life in Mazatlán.

The façade will be modularly assembled with a geodesic dome that will seal the roof. The lobby, a bookstore and various services will be located on the ground floor; On the first floor will be the permanent exhibition hall and an IMAX Mega-screen for 350 people.

On the second floor, there will be temporary exhibitions, a multi-themed room and the restaurant, connected to the terrace. As a ‘finish’, a documentation center and educational classrooms will be placed. The design also includes photovoltaic panels and openings to filter natural light into the building.

FR-EE Reveals Elliptical Design for Mexico's Mazatlán Museum ...

The 10,241-square-meter steel frame will be elevated and constructed from weather-resistant materials to better adapt to the flood-prone area. Construction is scheduled to start in 2016, with an estimated investment of 500 to 600 million pesos.

Activities in and around Mazatlan new Central Park

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