Construction of two subdivisions by San Miguel de Allende stopped due to pandemic situation


June 1, 2020

These two sites are of high added value, but the difficult economic situation and the one brought about by this health crisis make it impossible to continue with the work for now.

Comonfort Guanajuato.- Due to a difficult financial situation and especially due to the pandemic, the construction of two high-value subdivisions that would be installed in Comonfort is being stopped 

The director of Urban Development of Comonfort, Olivia Rico García, indicated that they are Rancho Los Remedios and Martorell, both real estate developments focused on capturing the San Miguel de Allende buyers market.

In the case of Rancho Los Remedios located just one side of the Rinconcillo de Los Remedios community, it is offering 107 lots of 2000 m² where it is contemplated to install a common recreational area with a pool; This is a subdivision that has been under construction since 2018 but has been stopped for now.

Meanwhile, Martorell, located on the edge of the Comonfort-San Miguel de Allende highway, just between Rinconcillo de Los Remedios and San Pedro will be offering 177 lots and is 55% complete; This is a high-value project for the property buyer market in San Miguel de Allende.

When consulting the official page of this last subdivision it is offered as a site located 15 minutes from San Miguel, it is never mentioned that it is in Comonfort.

Rico Garcia said that Martorell is 55% complete, but in both cases, it is unknown when they will be completed except that together with Viñedos San Miguel these three subdivisions focus on Comonfort as an alternative option to the San Miguel de Allende real estate market.

Discover what to do in Comonfort, the new Pueblo Magico of Guanajuato


Comonfort, a new Magical Town that will captivate you with its parties, flavors and the best molcajetes.

20 minutes from San Miguel de Allende, is Comonfort, the new Magic Town of Guanajuato (it received this distinction on October 18, 2018). It is a small town full of treasures. Here you will find an environment where tranquility, festivity and traditions will transport you to another world. Launch yourself to know this destination and fall in love with its gastronomy, culture and history!

9 things you can do in Comonfort

Walk the center and visit the Parish of San Francisco de Asís . Lose yourself in the streets of Comonfort until you reach the center. There you will discover some of the most emblematic buildings of this place. Among them is the Parish of San Francisco de Asís . This one has 5 beautiful gold altarpieces that bathe the eyes with its brilliance. In addition, we suggest you attend the main Comonfort party. This is done every October 4 in honor of San Francisco de Asís. There you will find a real party accompanied by Apache dances, the palenque and many other events.

Visit the Old Municipal Palace and discover the beautiful murals that tell the story of this Magical Town. Discovering a place for its art is always something enriching and wonderful. Therefore, you can not stop visiting the Old Palace and admire the murals that artists such as Horacio Reséndiz and Arturo Elías Islas made. They take up the pre-Hispanic past of this town, their participation in Independence, and end with a representation of current traditions.

  • Rest and recover energy in the Garden February 5. Before continuing with the tour, visit this garden. Here you will find a kiosk surrounded by large trees and the pleasant song of the birds. You can sit on one of the benches and enjoy a good book or, if you are lucky, enjoy a cultural event that takes place at the kiosk.
  • Refresh yourself with delicious ice cream. Without a doubt, the best icecreams are found in Guanajuato and although those in Dolores Hidalgo stand out for being exotic and delicious, those in Comonfort also have no point of comparison. And, although these are made with the fruit of the season, the flavor is simply exquisite and refreshing.
  • Go to Mercado Hidalgo and enjoy its gastronomy. If you are already hungry, a good option is to visit the Mercado Hidalgo. There you will find true delicacies such as chunks of cottage cheese made from broken corn. You can’t leave without trying them! Also, if you opt for another dish, you can accompany it with delicious and colorful ceremonial tortillas. In addition, we suggest you order water from the seasonal fruit. A great option is the lime one.
  • Visit Soria, a traditional textile town . 15 minutes from Comonfort is Soria, a small community that stands out for being a textile town. In other words, it was founded around a textile factory. Here you can walk its streets and feel the freshness of a recently reforested place. In addition, you will find small restaurants to taste the best of local gastronomy. It also has a store where you can buy suits and shirts made with Casimir at a low cost. Another option is to visit the art gallery where you will discover the work of Josefina Membrilla.. However, access by car to Soria is restricted. Therefore, we suggest you contact Josefina Membrilla herself, plastic artist, resident, and manager of visits to Soria ( ).
  • Try the delicious “oven fruit” . If there is something that we travelers love it is knowing the gastronomy of each place we visit. Therefore, you can not stop tasting the traditional ” oven fruit “. It should be noted that these are not fruits as they are but exquisite breads that, when cooked, give off an intoxicating aroma that is similar to that of cooked fruit. You can buy them both in the center of Comonfort and in Soria.
  • Dare to climb Cerro de Los Remedios and discover Comonfort in another way. To climb this hill, we recommend that you do it very early because, afternoon, the sun seems like it could evaporate the same people. However, after the long journey, you will reach the temple of Nuestra Señora de Los Remedios and then a viewpoint. The latter will allow you to have a spectacular view of all Comonfort. Thus, the fatigue of the climb will be well rewarded.
  • Visit a molcajete workshop and have fun trying to create one. One of the main attractions of Comonfort –and that gave it the nickname “land of molcajetes” – is the wealth of its crafts. Among them, the elaboration of precious molcajetes made by local artisans stands out. However, many times, the work and complexity involved in making one of these pieces are not appreciated. For the same reason, Comonfort invites you to visit one of its workshops to delve into the art of making molcajetes and for you to experience the process of creating these wonderful works yourself.


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