The foreign and Mexican airlines announced, each on their own, the dates from which they will return to make regular flights between different destinations and Puerto Vallarta, thus reactivating commercial air bridges that would favor a return to connectivity for tourism purposes.

The Puerto Vallarta Airport had reached 5 million passengers per year.

This, after the operation of flights to and from Puerto Vallarta carried out by airlines from Canada, the United States, and Central America were suspended at the end of March before the outbreak of the health contingency due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

They were followed by several national airlines, which, due to the drop in travel demand, canceled their recurring flights and stopped arriving at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport with the usual frequency.

The airport complex reached historical minimum levels of operation, reaching the point of reporting even a single landing in 24 hours. Foreign airlines, in general, stopped flying to destinations outside their countries of origin, and not only to Puerto Vallarta.

This is the list of airlines and the dates from which they regularize flights to Puerto Vallarta:


  • Air Canada: July 4, with a weekly flight from Vancouver.
  • Air Transat: First week of July, 3 flights per week.
  • WestJet: Announces direct flights from Vancouver from the first week of July.
  • Sunwing: Return of direct flights to Vancouver and with stops in Edmonton, Toronto, and Calgary in the second week of October.
  • Sun country: It will reopen a weekly flight from Dallas in the first week of July and it will gradually open daily.
  • Southwest: It will open daily flights from Houston on October 8 and then open a new route from Phoenix.
  • Delta Airlines: In the first week of June, it will open weekly flights from Los Angeles.
  • United Airlines: Will resume regular operations with Puerto Vallarta from the first week of June.
  • Copa Airlines: It will reopen two weekly flights from Panama City starting in December.
  • American Airlines: Keep flying daily from Dallas.


  • Aeromar: It will resume its daily flights with Mexico City on June 1, although it never stopped flying weekly. In addition, it will continue its connections with the different destinations it offers.
  • Aeroméxico: It already operates three weekly flights between Mexico City and Vallarta, from June 1 they will be daily.
  • Interjet: It continues to fly with two weekly trips between Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City, but in the second week of June they will be daily.
  • Magnicharters: Starting June 11, it will resume operations with two weekly flights to Mexico City and one daily to Monterrey.
  • TAR: From June 1, it resumes its flights with different frequencies to Guadalajara, Aguascalientes, Querétaro and San Luís Potosí.
  • Volaris: Four flights to Mexico City and two to Tijuana did not stop flying weekly, as of June 1, it will increase its frequencies.
  • Vivaerobus: It continues to operate two flights per week to Mexico City and another two to Tijuana, from June 1 it will resume daily frequencies.


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