25 new subdivisions are currently under construction in Mazatlán


The construction industry maintains 18,000 active formal jobs in the port.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (May 20, 2020). “The construction sector in Mazatlán maintains more than 18,000 formal jobs active with the IMSS, which gives the port economy a boost during the Covid-19 coronavirus contingency situation”; informed the secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of the municipality, David Armando González Torrentera.

He said that in the development of subdivisions alone, there are 25 projects under construction.

David Armando González Torrentera (Televisa)

“Around 25 new subdivisions are currently being under construction in Mazatlán, which represents more than 18,000 active jobs, the construction sector is fully operational in Mazatlan,” David Armando González said.

He commented that thanks to the activity registered by the construction sector in this tourist destination, the port’s economy has not fallen as strongly as expected during the quarantine.

The municipal official acknowledged that there was a real risk that this activity would stop due to the lack of cement production, but fortunately it continues to operate.

18 thousand formal jobs remain active before the IMSS in Mazatlán. (OEM)

On the other hand, he said that there are many investors who are still interested in Mazatlán, with important projects such as the aerospace park and the automotive industrial park.

He indicated that tax incentives continue on the subject of investments, and that several projects are being worked on, to the extent that in the last virtual meeting two more projects were authorized for Mazatlán.

At the same time, the Secretariat of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries works in coordination with hoteliers and the entire tourism sector, so that this destination can receive tourism as soon as the quarantine is lifted, with attractive packages for national and regional visitors.

Source: OEM

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