Hotels and restaurants in San Miguel de Allende lose 365 mp due to contingencies


70% of San Miguel de Allende’s gross domestic product (GDP) depends on tourism and 60% of the population

In less than a month, in the municipality of San Miguel de Allendeeconomic losses of 365 million pesos have been registered, which has affected more than 4,000 employees in the restaurant and hotel sector.

As of April 21, the date on which Phase III of the pandemic was declared by COVID-19, the tourist sector of the World Heritage city, has collapsed, affecting 4,414 workers, of whom 2,000 950 are from the hotel sector.

According to the San Miguel de Allende Tourism Council and the San Miguel de Allende Hotel Association, which report that 97% of the hotels have closed during the health contingency.

Regarding the restaurant sector, more than 74% of the municipality’s businesses are not operating.

The figures of the entrepreneurs indicate that in March 172 hotels and 168 restaurants operated, of which, currently only 5 and 43 are operating, respectively.

70% of San Miguel de Allende’s gross domestic product (GDP) depends on tourism and 60% of the population directly or indirectly works for this sector.

However, the negative effect of the sector is greater than 365 million pesos of losses, since tourist statistics, artisans, shops, transporters, suppliers of equipment and supplies for events are mainly not considered in this statistic .


The Mazatlan Post