Coepriss implements operations on Mother’s Day in Sinaloa to enforce COVID prevention measures


Essential, non-essential and mobile businesses that do not comply will be subject to administrative sanctions, closure and seizure of merchandise, warned Jorge Alan Urbina Vidales

Sinaloa. – In the framework of the celebration of Mother’s Day and in order to guarantee the health protection measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the operation deployed in inter-institutional coordination between the State Government and the Municipalities was strengthened.

Commissioner Jorge Alan Urbina Vidales explained that this special vigilance arises from the need to ensure compliance with measures that maintain a healthy distance between people because people, on previous occasions, had ignored the health recommendations to prevent the spread of the virus. “Sinaloa has an open society in whose culture people often congregate and the collective life is intense as it was observed last Children’s Day and that cannot happen again in the face of the pandemic. The only way to stop the transmission chain of the Covid-19 is to maintain a healthy distance and sanitary protection measures, “he warned.

The State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks of Sinaloa (Coepriss), he specified, carries out a work focused on the verification of restaurants, flower shops, cemeteries, gift shops, street vendors and all kinds of essential and non-essential establishments within the framework of the Mother’s Day and Teacher’s Day to ensure that health protection measures are complied with and not to allow crowds.

“In this operation, the Ministry of Health, Coepriss, the Official Office, state and municipal public security, the state, and municipal surveillance inspectors, the State Institute of Civil Protection and the municipal civil protection areas participate,” he said.

Coepriss Team / Photo: Special

This Sunday the health surveillance operation continues in all the municipalities of the state of Sinaloa on the occasion of the celebration of May 10 and will continue in a special way until May 16, 2020, to monitor compliance with the extraordinary provisions that have been implemented in Sinaloa during that period in order to stop the spread of Covid-19 or SARS-CoV2, as the World Health Organization calls it.

“It is about monitoring compliance with these recommendations, which are mandatory in inter-institutional work,” he stressed.

Signs were placed / Photo: Special

He affirmed that, for that reason, the cemeteries will remain closed until May 11 and in that period only burial services will be provided. “The face-to-face sale of flowers and gifts is prohibited both in establishments and on public roads, this activity can only be carried out through home sales. Failure to comply with this recommendation will seize the merchandise, “he said.

He specified that shops, even essential ones, that do not apply security measures and allow crowds or the sale to those who do not wear face masks, will be closed.

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“It is important to mention that the pastry shops, restaurants, and establishments with food sales will only be able to operate behind closed doors with only home delivery service during the celebration of Mother’s Day and on May 11, 14, 15 and 16 and of not complying this provision will be administratively sanctioned and an immediate closure will proceed, ”he warned.


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