Lake Chapala thwarts flood of weekend visitors


Personnel operating roadblocks at entry points to Chapala over the Labor Day weekend turned away 3,200 motorists who were unable to prove local residency or other justification for admittance at the height of the Covid-19 lockdown, according to Chapala Mayor Moisés Anaya.

“There were people, their vehicles filled with family, coolers, beach umbrellas, all coming on vacation, and regrettably we had to send them back because at the moment our boardwalks, parks and public spaces are all closed,” Anaya said in an interview with Guadalajara daily Mural. He added that more than half of the community’s 4,500 businesses have also shut their doors as part of the contingency plan to contain the transmission of Covid-19.

The mayor stated that some motorists annoyed at being denied entry have taken out their anger against the officials on duty, with some even going as far as attempting to run them down with their vehicles. At least 10 people have been detained and sent before the municipal judge for not respecting travel restrictions put in place since the first week of April.


The Mazatlan Post