Issste Hospital reported full of patients with Covid-19 in Mazatlan


The director of the clinic ensures that the supplies sent to them per week and donations protect the staff, but what they lack is health workers and they are recruiting

Mazatlán, Sinaloa .- More than half of the 30 active Covid-19 patients in Mazatlán are treated at the Issste clinic.

“We have a full house, ” said director Ana Eugenia Barrera Vivanco, adding that there are 17 internees.

Ten of the sick are patients, and seven are medical personnel, nurses, and clerks. They also have 29 suspects.

The director clarified that the clinic workers have not necessarily been infected there.

Most work in other hospitals. In addition, being on the street is a high risk of getting it. So far in the contingency, there have been three deaths in that medical unit. 

Covid-19: la lucha invisible de Paramédicos - El Sol De Mazatlán

The directive called on the population to stay home. It is the best way to help curb the contagion and avoid exposing your life.

In response to complaints from some clinic workers that there are no supplies, Barrera Vivanco stressed that it is true that there is a shortage. 

But he assured that all the staff that works with Covid-19 patients are given all the clothing and accessories for their protection. He added that they are in a phase that multiplies the demand for supplies.

However, with those who send the central address every week and donations, the demand is met.

Gobierno de Mazatlán dona equipo médico de protección al Issste ...

The municipal president Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres donated 100 plasticized coveralls, 200 face masks, and nitrile gloves for the medical and nursing staff of the Issste clinic.

The support received the director, who stressed that they are of great help in this health emergency.

Prior to the donation, the disinfection brigades, in charge of the director of Civil Protection, Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, cleaned the external accesses of the hospital.

Get ready

On a tour of hospitals receiving Covid-19 patients, in the General Hospital of Zone 3 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, they installed a pavilion in the parking lot.

There will be a waiting room for family members with Covid-19 patients.

In the general hospital, they already have the module in front of the emergency room. Yesterday another patient entered there and the relatives hope that he will exceed the quarantine.


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