Quarantine means lonely deaths for some elderly in Yucatan


At least four elderly people in Yucatan have died alone in their homes since quarantines began.

Social distancing has meant fewer family visits, often to devastating effects for the elderly. One was in an advanced state of decomposition in a building in the Esperanza neighborhood.

The latest case involved an elderly woman who was found dead at her home in the Mulsay neighborhood.

The deceased was identified as Mercedes “N”, 76, who was found by a neighbor bringing her food.

The neighbor requested emergency services, but paramedics who arrived at the scene confirmed that the woman had died.

Abuelitos de Mérida who live practically in abandonment die in solitude due to the current conditions of healthy distance.

Similarly, he said that if this pattern is followed, the death of 15 to 20 grandparents is expected in the month of May.

Another factor that favors the sudden death of these grandparents, is the heat, which can cause chronic dehydration, which is often not noticed in the elderly and that can alter conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, among others.

Grandparents of Merida die alone due to the coronavirus
The death of these older adults may be influenced by the increase in temperatures.

It is worth mentioning that the specialist calls on society to not abandon their grandparents or elderly relatives, as well as called on the authorities to create programs that focus on the care of the elderly, mainly in these crucial moments of the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: yucatanexpatlife.com, laverdadnoticias.com

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