Don’t even think about it! Mayor warns Culiacan Restaurants


“I do not care about the demands that may be brought to close them, first is the health of the people,” said the municipal president of Culiacán, Jesús Estrada Ferreiro

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The municipal Mayor of Culiacán, Jesús Estrada Ferreiro, regretted the bad behavior that thousands of families had, owners of restaurants and patisseries when breaking the quarantine of COVID-19 to take to the streets under the pretext of celebrating the Day of the Child, without caring about contracting the deadly virus.

He announced that due to this irresponsible behavior, next Monday he will meet with restaurant owners to warn them that on Mother’s Day they will not be allowed to sell to people who come to the establishment, so they will have to reinforce home service, and Anyone who does not abide by this new provision will be immediately closed regardless of the legal consequences that they may face as mayor.

In an annoyed tone, the mayor of Morelos admitted that no one expected such ineptitude from parents, to leave their homes to buy cakes and pizzas to please their children, knowing the health risk of the coronavirus pandemic.

“It was unthinkable that they would do it, obviously for the meeting with them next Monday or Tuesday it will be to foresee what happened on May 10, and the truth is that whoever does not comply with what corresponds to him will have severe sanctions on that date ”, he sentenced.   

Mayor Estrada Ferreiro said that it is not about damaging the economy of business owners, but they have an obligation to collaborate to prevent people from crowding together as happened on Thursday with the presence of thousands of children.

Regarding the requests that some citizens have made, in the sense that fines are applied and people who do not pay attention and who continue on the street doing their normal life are locked up, President Jesús Estrada replied that it is not about punishing with money, but to convince them of how lethal the COVID-19 is and to stay at home.

He announced that the police operations will be maintained to inhibit people who stay at home and only go out to essential needs.


The Mazatlan Post