Secretary of Tourism says no COVID Free certification for Cancun will be issued


Cancun, Q.R. — The secretary of tourism says there will not be any COVID Free certification for the Cancun Hotel Zone since it is not possible to guarantee tourists do not become infected.

Marisol Vanegas Péreez, Secretaria de Turismo Quintana Roo, made the clarification during a virtual tourism meeting explaining that the proposal for an international certification “is a very large commitment that cannot be fulfilled as it cannot be guaranteed that a tourist would not get sick.”

Vanegas Péreez announced her clarification after the head of AMPI Cancun real estate association, Miguel Ángel Lemus Mateos, said that once the coronavirus epidemic ends, the Cancun Hotel Zone will be certified as COVID Free.

Vanegas Pérez said in regards to Lemus Mateos, he has been generically giving it that name, “but nobody assures that the visitor will not be infected” noting that “the guarantee is excessive in terms of what can be compromised.”

She said instead, work is already underway on the implementation of an online recognition, which guarantees compliance with the strictest hygiene and sanitation standards in the state’s more than 1,100 businesses directly related to tourism including hotels, transportation, excursions, and tourist agencies, in addition to promoting non-reinfection to ensure “that the curve does not reactivate as has happened elsewhere.”


The Mazatlan Post