Despite Mazatlan hotels ordered shut, work continues


By federal regulations, the hotel in Mazatlán must remain closed until May 30, however, many companies remain in permanent contact with their captive clients and tourists who come to the city and port year after year. From the private offices or houses, via the Internet, work is being done on the redesign of strategies to be ready immediately as soon as the quarantine is lifted, said José Gámez, operational manager, from a healthy distance – by telephone and commercial of Pueblo Bonito-Emerald Bay.
“Pepe” Gámez insists that people should stay home until medical authorities say otherwise, because only in this way can we help the contingency to rise faster.


Undoubtedly, there are great economic losses, but so are the hotels in Los Cabos, Puerto, Vallarta, Cancun, Acapulco, and Mazatlán, among other destinations, which are waiting for better times and working internally in different ways, especially in a lot of training.

In the questions, he recognized that it is very difficult for Mexicans, Canadians, and Americans, accustomed to going to Europe and Asia, to want to go to those places in the next months or years, so it is most likely that they will come to Mexico, to Mazatlán, or some other place in Latin America. It will be difficult to travel 12 or 14 hours to the Old Continent, where the pandemic originated, he said.


He said later that now it is a health crisis that is coupled with the “difficult economic situation that in the coming months there will not be much money and what little will be for food and basic needs, not so much for traveling.”

El Cid Marina

Pepe Gámez pointed out that some hotels are preparing with reforms and reconstructions of their spaces and hotel rooms because they know that recovery and better things will come for Mazatlán.

Pueblo Bonito

He gave as an example that the historic Hotel Pueblo Bonito, by Ernesto Coppel, is currently in a stage of rehabilitation, but is ready to receive tourism when necessary.


The Mazatlan Post