In the community of El Tecomatillo people is unaware of pandemic


Villagers of El Tecomatillo claim they have not even heard of this global health problem.

Escuinapa, Sinaloa (April 28, 2020) .- Despite being located just three kilometers from Escuinapa’s urban area, the community of El Tecomatillo remains oblivious to the worldwide health contingency.

Believe it or not, information regarding the Covid-19 coronavirus has not reached this community, which is inhabited by around 15 families who do not have basic services such as electricity or running water, and are basically dedicated to agriculture.

El Tecomatillo, Sinaloa (Photo: El Sol de Mazatlan)

The lack of information in this place is evident since adults nor minors are observing the preventive measures that have been imposed to avoid infections, such as the healthy distance or the use of mouth masks.

“No one has come to tell us anything, as they always leave us alone at the will of God, the little we know about this situation, we learned it when we saw that all the businesses were closed in downtown Escuinapa, but no authority has come to tell us about the situation here at El Tecomatillo,” said Esperanza Medina, a resident of the community.

Here we don’t know anything about this outbreak, we get up early in the morning every day, go to work in the fields, and come back almost at night, but nobody has stopped here to inform us, almost no people from outside ever come here, Esperanza Medina added.

El Tecomatillo, Sinaloa (Photo: El Sol de Mazatlan)

In view of this situation, the municipal authority was questioned about the lack of information to the people of El Tecomatillo, who recognized that this community has not directly addressed with information. It seems like the municipal government took for granted that these people were informed about the health crisis through the common means of communication.

Local authorities commented that now that they know about the lack of information in this community, the pertinent actions will be carried out to make these families aware of the contingency produced by Covid-19, and the preventive actions they must apply.

El Tecomatillo is located only 3 kilometers from Escuinapa.

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