Sinaloa tortilla entrepreneur lowers prices in his establishments to help families during COVID emergency


It is their way of supporting the economy of the families violated by COVID-19

Escuinapa, Sinaloa.- Being one of the inevitable products on the table in each of the Escuinapean households, a businessman from the tortilla lowered the price of this product in his establishments.

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Rigoberto “Toñín” Garate , owner of Productos Don Toño, reported that he is implementing this measure to give a little support to the economy of Escuinapa.

The tortilla is never missing from the table and we know how all the families are having a hard time at the moment, they are struggling for their livelihood and how we can support ourselves, lowering the price (of the tortilla) and that is what we have done since one week we lowered a few pesos

 Rigoberto “Toñín” Garate

He added that the price was 21 pesos per kilo and they lowered it to 17 pesos.

Productos Owner Don Toño lowered the price of the tortilla to 17 pesos

As long as it is possible, we are going to maintain it, today we have to show solidarity with those families who consume our tortillas all year round 

Rigoberto “Toñín” Garate

About Productos Don Toño

Products “Don Toño” arises in 2004 from a combination of ideas and dreams of a family that gradually materialized thanks to the effort and commitment that has been put in through the years to do what it is today in day.

The recognition of the quality, flavor, and service of the products made by the family was spreading among the society of the city and therefore the hard work began to bear fruit. Thanks to this, in 2010 the decision was made to open other branches

The establishments where they maintain these offers are located on Avenida de la Juventud between Veracrúz and La Paz and the other one that is just opening its doors is on the corner of December 22 and Aquiles Serdán.

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