Local Congress gets ready for amnesty in Sinaloa


The number of beneficiaries is still to be announced.

Representative Graciela Domínguez Nava said that the local congress is waiting for more information to delve into the topic that has already been approved at the national level.

Sinaloa is also enlisting to release an undetermined number of common law prisoners who are serving their sentences in the state’s prisons, a measure that will have to be implemented in search of avoiding coronavirus infections (COVID-19).

The president of the Political Coordination Board of the State Congress, Graciela Domínguez Nava, mentioned that the congress will wait to know the specific figures, the number of prisoners that in the case of Sinaloa would be in the conditions provided by the Amnesty Law, approved on Monday, April 20th, in all Mexico.

She pointed out that the Legislative Branch will abide by the provisions of the Amnesty Law to adapt all the necessary legal issues that favor the release of these “minor infractors”.

“The (Amnesty) law mandates that the states make the appropriate adjustments for the case in each entity. In that part we are going to enter as a State Congress to analyze what we can do in state legislation, link it to the federal Amnesty Law."

She stressed that prison centers are favorable spaces for the spread of COVID-19, so the release of inmates would be to decrease the risk of the pandemic and also to reverse injustices committed in the past.

She added that both nationally and in the state it will try to privilege the freedom of prisoners who, due to vulnerability, did not have the right to a good legal defense, indigenous people, political prisoners, women who have been imprisoned for minor crimes, among others.

She stated that the situation in which the Amnesty Law was approved gives it an urgent connotation and that the federal government did not take advantage of the situation but promptly addressed an issue that could be complicated.

“(The Amnesty issue) Our country is not inventing it. This is happening worldwide. Let's look at the decisions that other countries are making regarding the treatment of prisons in this contingency ”, Domínguez Nava concluded.

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