Sinaloa seeks to distribute 1 million face masks in its 18 municipalities


The State Highway and Transportation Directorate began with the first stage of the free delivery of mouthguards for all users of public transportation in the municipalities of Culiacán and Navolato.

This is by instructions of the State Governor, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, and it was the director of State Roads and Transportation, Feliciano Valle Sandoval, who initiated the delivery.

Valle Sandoval maintained that the Executive’s intention is to grant around a million of these additions in the 18 municipalities, however, given the high rates of the center of the entity, it was decided to start in this region.

He explained that staff from the aforementioned address will be located in the main whereabouts of both cities in order to cover 100 percent of the routes and therefore the largest number of users.

This action, declared the state official, is added to the other measures that have been implemented, such as the sanitation of the units and the healthy distance within them.

He highlighted the support of elements of Municipal Transit, who also remain in healthy distance signaling operations at the bus stops, with the aim of avoiding further contagion.


The Mazatlan Post