Sixth death from COVID 19 confirmed in Yucatan


The head of the Department of State Epidemiological Surveillance of the Ministry of Health (SSY), Marbella Perera Rivero, confirmed this Friday, April 10, the sixth death from the COVID 19 Coronavirus in Yucatan.

“Unfortunately, in this medical report, we report that today the death of a patient who was hospitalized was registered. This is a 53-year-old woman with a history of chronic degenerative diseases,” said the official.

He mentioned that after the confirmation of death, none of his relatives has presented symptoms of the disease, although they remain under surveillance. He added that medical personnel “followed the protocols and guidelines set by the World Health Organization and federal authorities.”

This is the fourth person of Yucatecan origin to lose his life to the pandemic in the state since two of the people listed in the figure were foreigners and one died in Yucatan after disembarking last month in Puerto Progreso at the request of the federal government. .

Perera Rivero noted that since the start of the health contingency, the SSY has detected a total of 988 suspected cases (240 of sentinel surveillance), of which 93 have been positive, 110 remain awaiting their results and 545 have already been discarded.

Regarding the confirmed cases, he specified that 58 had already recovered, without presenting symptoms or risk of contagion; 18 remain stable and isolated under monitoring by the Health authorities, and 11 more cases are hospitalized in total isolation.

Accompanied by Isaac Hernández Fuentes, deputy director of Public Health, mentioned that the Yucatecan patient infected with and diagnosed with COVID 19 in Canada, remains in hospitalization. He specified that the age range of patients infected with Coronavirus in Yucatan remains between 10 and 78 years.

Marbella Perera stressed that “these days are not holidays”, so it is very important to stay home and comply with the provisions decreed by the federal government, to prevent and control the spread of COVID 19.

He recalled that the use of the mouth mask is a new mandatory provision to prevent contagion in public places and “for all types of personnel working in companies that are allowed to open because they are essential money orders, whether or not they have contact with their clients” and for those who leave to buy medicine and food.

He called to take care of the elderly, pregnant women and people with disabilities, for being “the most vulnerable groups” and recommended that if you return from a trip, “stay isolated for 14 days”. Likewise, he exhorted the population to remain attentive to official warnings and to avoid spreading messages or audios with false content.


The Mazatlan Post