Despite the presence of the COVID-19 in Mazatlan, He works at age 65, 14 hours a day to earn 70 pesos


* Abel does not want to stop working despite the presence of the coronavirus in the city
* With that money, he collects to pay for his wife’s medicine, house rent, and food

Abel Ramírez, 65 years old, who is a native of Veracruz, is concerned about his economic situation due to the health contingency caused by COVID-19 in our country.

Don Abel is dedicated to caring for cars and shopping trolleys in the supermarket, Soriana, located on Av. Rafael Buelna corner with Av. Reforma, he does not have a fixed salary so he lives off the tips that customers provide him; He tells us that the current situation is unfavorable and sad, since despite bringing mouth guards people do not allow him to touch cars or carts, for which there are no tips.

“The truth has come down a lot, people do not want you to come, sometimes we pick up the cart; some give us, others do not, but what are we going to do? I have no other job; I do not have a salary, customers are our employers, “he said.

Don Abel, works from 6 in the morning until 8 at night; Aware of the authorities’ recommendations not to leave home, he goes to work to get money to buy his wife’s medicines, who has just undergone surgery.

“I work from six in the morning to eight at night and sometimes I just earn 70 pesos; I have to buy a medicine for my wife who just operated on it, which costs a thousand pesos, but where do I get it if there is no work; And then I have to come by force because if I don’t come that I’m going to eat, nobody is going to give me, one has to go out into the street; the government says shut up but does not see the needs of the people; I wish I could stay in my house but it is not like that, “he commented.

Puzzled, Don Abel sees his future uncertain in the coming months.

“I do not have a pension, I pay rent, water, and electricity: I have to go look for him if I am not going to eat, from my house to work and from work to my house, we have to continue working to eat,” he explained.


The Mazatlan Post